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What is Stargate Command?

Stargate Command is the official destination for all things STARGATE, including a variety of STARGATE content from the franchise’s nearly 25-year history. Visitors can read news, engage with content, get behind-the-scenes updates on the Stargate Origins production, and more.

What is Stargate Origins?

Stargate Origins is a brand new STARGATE series. Launching in the fall, Stargate Origins will tell the story of Catherine Langford, a female scientist who witnessed the Stargate’s discovery when she was just a child. The show will feature ten 10-minute episodes and be exclusively available to stream on Stargate Command.

Where can I find Stargate Commands and watch the new Origins series?

You can find Stargate Command at stargatecommand.co.

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ArmA 3 P90 fest

Radar11x a posted May 27, 16

I will be hosting a ArmA 3 MP event (Canceled).

I know we have not had any arma 2 events with the stargate mod but I had hope the the stargate mod for arma 3 would have had more momentum the wat has been seen these pass two year so in the mean time i'll do what I can with what we have of arma 3. Please leave a comment bellow if you have plans to join so I'll know how to scall the the mp mission I'll be making to match.

event link http://steamcommunity.com/groups/SG-X#events/889838192023535823

The third person shooter Stargate Resistance was shut down following some legal troubles back in 2011. Well after all these years it is finally back online! Some dedicated fan group who goes by "SGRLives" have reverse engineered the server files and we know have a functional game client. While there is no login system or galactic domination buffs, there is a server browser and 100% functionality of the game itself.

Go ahead and grab the download here (Be sure to read the readme file!):
The teamspeak server used by players is found at:
Community forums are found at:
I have already been playing as [SG-X]Night_Chrono and it has been great fun. Since this is an older game the system requirements are pretty low. Some people have even reported getting stable framerates on Ivy Bridge/Haswell integrated graphics cards. Hope to see some other people from SG-X in game.
scott swiss Hi Chrono sorry for the delay if you add me on facebook my page is https://www.facebook.com/ScottSwiss and the sg...
Guardofthedragon Ah this is great to hear! Can't wait to get into the swing of Sg-x again
night_chrono a Sure. Got a link to the Facebook Page for TLS?

It's will be done by Roland Emmerich and Dean Devlin who of course did the original 1994 movie with Kurt Russell and James Spader.  No news on cast/plot but it will ignore all of SG-1/Atlantis/Universe.
Greetings. I am glad to announce that at least the main SG-X Stargate server on Garry's Mod will be rebooted within May 15th :) I hope you all will have time to join once in a while. All previous admins will have their role as admin back again. 

Take care. 

- O'Neill (Two L's)
Loki a Jack: Please update the server IP address information on our Servers Status page so it displays the server online again....