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Stargate Resistance is back!

By night_chrono a - Posted Dec 12, 14

The third person shooter Stargate Resistance was shut down following some legal troubles back in 2011. Well after all these years it is finally back online! Some dedicated fan group who goes by "SGRLives" have reverse engineered the server files and we know have a functional game client. While there is no login system or galactic domination buffs, there is a server browser and 100% functionality of the game itself.

Go ahead and grab the download here (Be sure to read the readme file!):
The teamspeak server used by players is found at:
Community forums are found at:
I have already been playing as [SG-X]Night_Chrono and it has been great fun. Since this is an older game the system requirements are pretty low. Some people have even reported getting stable framerates on Ivy Bridge/Haswell integrated graphics cards. Hope to see some other people from SG-X in game.