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2014 Is Going To Be Great Year!

Loki a posted Dec 26, 13  -  half lifeHLmodsgmsourcestargate
After over literally a decade in production we are happy to announce that The Stargate Mod is finally going to start it's long awaited public release process in early 2014.

Check out the official announcement on the SGM forums at:

Our clan has had multiple members participating in the private beta for years now and we can proudly say that this is one of the best SG-1 based mods out there currently (it's the best one yet on the Half Life platform in our opinion).

The best part about the mod it is completely FREE!

Make sure and put this mod on your radar to check out later this year. You won't be disappointed!

For more information about the mod check out it's web site at:
Loki a The information in regards to becoming a beta tester can be found on our forums at: http://sg-x.enjin.com/forum/m/1...
Loki a Scott you should check the web site more often The SGTLS site was compromised so it had to be taken down. SGAtlantis ha...
scott swiss Hey this is great news. It's been a while since I played anything stargate related just logged on just now to see i...
If you have been following stargatearma.com you may have notice that things have been progressing slowly with the mod, but progress none the less. There has not been any ArmA 2 events in awhile, but as it stands right now I have no plans to host anymore events for ArmA 2, but if you want to do something yourself then by all means let me know and I'll get the word out. That being said keep your eyes on are group events I'll try to put together an ArmA 3 event out of what is available in the coming weeks so stay tuned.

SGTLS.com - Community Server [USA]

Loki a posted Apr 14, 13  -  sgtls
Thanks to a generous donation from a person whom that will remain unidentified I am proud to say there will be once again a SGTLS server here in North America.

Server Name: SGTLS.com - Community Server [USA]
Server IP #:
Server Location: Tampa Bay, Florida - USA
Server Player Slots: 28

The server should be completely setup and open to the public by the end of the week [4/20]. It's currently still being tweaked and tested so it is password protected until it is completely finished.

Loki & the unnamed person will be co-managing the server and it will utilize the [SG-X] clans fast download.

The server will be kept up to date with the latest SGTLS specific maps/content, is running several new plug-ins to help address the mods numerous exploits/vulnerabilities and has been prepaid up for the next year [April 2014].

The server will not have any limitations in regards to game play like the ones on the DE Community Server (For Example: Restricted C4 & Nerfed Hand Device).
Due to this fact the server will be it's usual unstable self and crash but it always will restart right away (so rejoin it please when it crashes).

If you have any questions in regards to this server contact Loki about them via a private message. He will now answer questions via the comments to this new post so please don't ask any questions as a comment to this news post.

Please play on the SGTLS.com - Community Server [USA] when you see other players on it to help further the SGTLS community and build the North American player base.

Tek ma'tek! I would like to inform to everyone that I have rebooted my Garry's Mod Stargate server. Fired it up today and at least 50 unique players joined in total this day, great start, had a lot of fun! Server may restart and may turn offline sometimes these first days until I get a 24/7 dedicated server up.

Feel free to join:

Addons required: 
- Carters Addon Pack
- Wiremod

First lets talk about the Stargate Command base app. You walk around the SGC. That's all there is to it. Aside from having the SGC layout memorized, I have been walking around the SGC for years in various Stargate mods. As a free app it works, it is just entirely pointless.

Now let us talk about Stargate Golf. You hit Golf balls through the gate. That's all there is to it. Becomes boring after a few minutes.

Finally Teal'c's Revenge. Aside from an official Stargate App spelling his name wrong, this is a pitiful excuse for a game. All you do is wait for an enemy to attack, then swipe in the right direction to counter. Then while the enemy is stunned you swipe madly for a few seconds to attack. There are also a dodge and block mechanic that are entirely pointless. Why would I ever dodge or block, when the only way to deal significant damage is to counter? The upgrade system is also entire pointless. You get 100-400xp for completing a level, and can grind out XP by replaying the first level over and over. So you can have obscenely high stats before even playing the second level.

Can't believe MGM went with this instead of reviving Stargate Resistance.