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What is Stargate Command?

Stargate Command is the official destination for all things STARGATE, including a variety of STARGATE content from the franchise’s nearly 25-year history. Visitors can read news, engage with content, get behind-the-scenes updates on the Stargate Origins production, and more.

What is Stargate Origins?

Stargate Origins is a brand new STARGATE series. Launching in the fall, Stargate Origins will tell the story of Catherine Langford, a female scientist who witnessed the Stargate’s discovery when she was just a child. The show will feature ten 10-minute episodes and be exclusively available to stream on Stargate Command.

Where can I find Stargate Commands and watch the new Origins series?

You can find Stargate Command at stargatecommand.co.

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All-Access is the membership tier of Stargate Command, offering fans ultimate access to Stargate Command. By purchasing the All-Access Pass ($20 one time cost), you will have exclusive content at your fingertips, which you may access and use on up to 3 devices over the entire access period. All-Access starts on September 20, 2017 and ends on May 15, 2018.

2014 Is Going To Be Great Year!

Loki a posted Dec 26, 13  -  half lifeHLmodsgmsourcestargate
After over literally a decade in production we are happy to announce that The Stargate Mod is finally going to start it's long awaited public release process in early 2014.

Check out the official announcement on the SGM forums at:

Our clan has had multiple members participating in the private beta for years now and we can proudly say that this is one of the best SG-1 based mods out there currently (it's the best one yet on the Half Life platform in our opinion).

The best part about the mod it is completely FREE!

Make sure and put this mod on your radar to check out later this year. You won't be disappointed!

For more information about the mod check out it's web site at:
Loki a The information in regards to becoming a beta tester can be found on our forums at: http://sg-x.enjin.com/forum/m/1...
Loki a Scott you should check the web site more often The SGTLS site was compromised so it had to be taken down. SGAtlantis ha...
scott swiss Hey this is great news. It's been a while since I played anything stargate related just logged on just now to see i...